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Hi my name’s Louise 👋 ⁣

I’m a yoga teacher, business owner and mother to a toddler named Sebastian. I own a Yoga studio in London which during the pandemic had to close its doors. We’re back open again now thankfully, but during that uncertain time, I decided to take the plunge and set up an on demand platform which offered Yoga, Pilates and Fitness classes. I’ve since relaunched the platform and rebranded it to Joya! ⁣

Following the birth of my son, like many who have just given birth, I experienced pelvic floor issues. Sadly I didn’t feel like I received the proper support I needed through our healthcare system. Did you know that if you give birth in France you’re entitled to received at least 10 free pelvic floor rehabilitation sessions?!⁣

Over the many years of teaching yoga, speaking with other new parents about their pre and postnatal experience and chatting with friends, I began to notice that many of their experiences were either ignored or not taken seriously. Friends with endometriosis where it took over ten years to get diagnosed, postpartum friends who were told that “it’s normal that things will feel a bit different after”, or “just have another baby and it will sort itself out”…yup I was actually told that 2 days after giving birth 🤦🏻‍♀️ A lot of these people turned to Yoga and Pilates as a way of healing both emotionally and physically. ⁣

I wanted to create a space where these conversations were brought to the forefront and informed the way we moved.  As well as making movement a fun and enjoyable experience, Joya gives people the tools to understand, build confidence, and most of all enjoy their bodies. 

I want to create an inclusive, accessible space online for people to learn, share and support one another to become empowered advocates for their own wellbeing. Just as importantly, I want people to find the joy in moving. ⁣

There’s exciting things to come on Joya, we’ve already started tailoring some of our classes around hormonal health and menstrual cycles. We’ll continue to offer best in class pre and postnatal classes, plus there’s lots more to come! I’m so excited you’re here ❤️⁣

Our Ethos

For anyone who feels like they’re not seen or heard when they talk about their health, their body, or their experiences – Joya wants to be here for you, empower you, and help you find the joy in your body.

Our bodies are amazing, and we should celebrate them! From pelvic health to menstruation, from pregnancy to perimenopause, Joya brings honest, candid conversations to the forefront. No shame! No stigma! There’s no need.

Movement and building strength are so good for your overall wellbeing at all stages of life. But a lot of this stuff is not taught to us or spoken about as we grow up, so we can’t prepare our bodies for life’s changes until we’re right in the middle of it! 

With Joya, I want to help people with similar experiences and empower them with the tools I didn’t have. Like many others, I really felt let down by the healthcare support I received after giving birth to my son in 2019. I didn’t feel like I was given the tools to rehabilitate afterwards and felt like I was being told I didn’t matter - and I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling this way!

Joya is a joyful antidote to gaslighting, gatekeeping, shaming, and silencing - both medical and social. There’s a huge gender gap in health studies, with 92% of data focused on the bodies of cisgender men. 

We want to help people affected by this imbalance! That’s why we offer the best classes we can, with tailored programmes and on-demand content that help people experience the joy of movement and feel empowered with knowledge about their body for every stage in life.

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