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Our Postnatal classes are perfect for easing you back in to exercise safely by realigning your posture, restoring your core and re-building strength to help with the physical demands of being a new parent and aid postpartum recovery.

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We know keeping to schedules can be tricky when you have a little one. With our on demand library, you can fit one of our classes in around yours and your baby's day.

Classes to aid postpartum recovery

Whether you're looking to strengthen your core, pelvic floor, or deepen the bond with your baby, our classes have been designed to support you through your own unique postnatal journey.

Choose from hundreds of classes

In addition to our postnatal focused classes, we have hundreds of Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Meditation classes to choose from, for when you're feeling ready for something new.

Gender Inclusive

At Joya we believe that anyone preparing to give birth or experiencing the early stages of parenthood after giving birth should be able to share the amazing benefits of movement for the body, regardless of their gender identity. While all of Joya’s teachers are cisgender women, we are continuously taking steps to make our pre- and post-natal classes as inclusive as possible for parents and pregnant people of all genders.

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​​Stream Joya to any of your devices. If you have Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast, you can even play our classes from your TV.

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